Take Twenty…

In a world saturated with technology, reading has become a lost art. Books are replaced with iPads, cell phones, Netflix and video games. While some of these devices and activities can be educational, a special bonding time between you and your child is being lost when they take priority over reading time.

Gardening with a Purpose

Yesterday was a gorgeous day, especially for February, and I found myself out working in my yard. I wanted to get a topiary plant for one of my pots, so I went to my favorite nursery where I found the perfect one.

Tips to Follow for Small Muscle Development in the 21st Century

A few weeks ago at school, I watched a child waving his hand in front of a soap dispenser. When the soap did not appear, he then proceeded to tell me that the dispenser was empty. I showed him that he just needed to push the handle, and the soap would come out.

The Life Of A 3 Year Old

Preparing for my new class, I carefully set up my room and made sure it was preschool friendly. I planned crafts and fabulous lessons that would enrich their lives. On paper it looked flawless…that was until the children arrived. Life of a 3 year old was quite different than what I remembered.

Uninterrupted Meal Time

My husband and I were out for dinner and as we were visiting I couldn’t help but be distracted by the table next to us. Two parents and a child were waiting for their meal and all of them were on their mobile devices. I get it…sometimes our friends or games can be more entertaining […]

If a Wild Turkey Can Do It…

One morning last week as I was driving to school, I stopped at a crosswalk to allow 7 wild turkeys to cross the road – in single file no less! I thought, “Wow…this looks exactly like a skill we are trying to teach our preschoolers. If God’s creatures can figure this out, so can we!”

Gliding into the New School Year

Growing up with a father, who is a pilot, I have had the opportunity to fly in many types of aircrafts. The helicopter was the most adventurous way of flying, but I love the way a glider allows you to fly silently through the air. Since gliders don’t have an engine, they need help from […]